Monday, October 20, 2008

Fear of the unknown

I remember about three years ago, I came to Rhodes with my mother for a family friend’s 21st birthday party. I can still remember the feeling of intense fear while walking through the campus. At that time I had not decided to come to Rhodes but the institution itself and what it represented and the fear of the unknown scared the living daylights out of me. I had that same feeling today while standing in the JMS department. I had just finished handing in my journalism portfolio and my friend and I decided to explore the colourful passages just to get a feel of where we would hopefully be spending the next three years. But with each step and after each peep into certain rooms my steps slowed in the fear of what each room represented. My friend was jumping in excitement and I just wanted to get out. This was until I walked down a passage and saw magazine designs done by fourth year design students and a ball of burning excitement jumped into my stomach and lit up my face. I was so thankful for what I saw and even more thankful that my desire to design had not died in the fear of the unknown. So for anyone who feels that their passion for journalism or anything has disappeared through uncertainty, take a walk through the success of another’s work and I assure you that if it is truly what you are meant to do, it will not hide away in the darkness of doubt.

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