Monday, October 20, 2008

Silly girls

I allowed my relationship issues to dominate my day and so instead of being productive I spent the whole of Saturday burning my white legs in the sun and simultaneously trying to burn the problems from my mind. I barely got a tan as I am a red headed, white skinned individual and of course the issues were still as evident as the stinging sun burn. My dear friend, who lay next to me in the sun, was still cringing from her long drunken French kiss all over town the night before and the other was trying hard to swat a guy away who despite having a girlfriend was desperate to see her that night. By 11pm we were all sitting on the floor because we felt that it matched our mental state and then decided that we would just go out and mingle with other teenagers for a reason I am still trying to sift out because I felt even more irritated after our excursion. All around us girls were flinging themselves at boys, crying in bathrooms and sitting dejectedly on the stairs all because of some guy issues. I felt incessantly irritated not because they looked like idiots but because I know that I look just like them and so was dealt a double blow of stupidity. Grahamstown is teeming with intelligent women who have strong personalities and are confident individuals and yet we still get ourselves all messed up over some guy who mutters, “I love you” as easily as “Can I get another drink”. It drives me insane with embarrassment and frustration but the truth is that love or like or lust trumps reasonable thought and so I can guarantee that my friends and I will be twisting in pain and cringing in embarrassment once again instead of being productive.

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